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Creativity Guidance

"If you want to change the world pick up your pen and write." 
- Martin Luther

What Is Creativity Guidance?

Do you have a writing project you'd like to start?
Do you have a story that you've started writing but you're stuck and need guidance on how to move forward?
Are you itching to give a writing project priority in your life? Could be you're in need of a healthy dose of
Creativity Guidance!

Creativity Guidance is the gift of inspiration, motivation, structure, time-management and craft disciple. 
Creativity Guidance is for the writer at any stage of his/her/their writing life.

Creativity Guidance is a relationship intended to get you motivated to make time and give energy to your writing project(s).

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Creativity Guidance Includes:

  • Idea generation for your project(s)

  • Writing prompts and timed-writing exercises

  • Time and schedule management

  • Reading lists based on the genre of writing you would like to write and/or are writing

  • Information about the publishing industry (traditional and self)

  • Motivational quotes and creative inspiration based on your writing project(s)

  • Arts/craft projects

  • Literary event schedules

How It Works:

  1. Free 30-minute 1st meeting:  This includes open conversation about your writing project/idea.
    Please prepare for this meeting so I can begin to assess your needs and give you examples of how we can begin our creativity guidance relationship.
    Please bring writing samples, your schedule, your contact information, and your open heart and mind. First meetings can be held virtually (with writing samples emailed prior, via telephone (with writing samples emailed prior) or in-person.

  2. Sessions: We will decide on the amount of sessions you would like to commit to. Sessions can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length. Sessions can happen as often as needed. We will create a schedule together. Sessions can occur face-to-face and/or virtually via agreed upon mode of communication. If you prefer email communication (ex. weekly writing prompts and/or weekly inspirational/motivational support), we will create a schedule and discuss what you need to get you writing.

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(Including the time it takes for me to read/respond to your work)


(Including the time it takes for me to read/respond to your work)

Payment Terms

  • Payments can be made via e-transfer, paypal, cheque,
    credit card or cash.

  • Payment plans will be discussed, however, the goal is to pay for each session the day it happens. This ensures that any shift in scheduling (which does happen) can occur without the cost being paid if a session needs to be postponed.

  • Session frequency will be discussed together.

  • Guidance email information will be discussed and a cost agreed upon together. Payments for emails will be invoiced monthly.

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To book your free meeting with Vanessa Shields call 519-999-2314

or email

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