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Editing Services

"Revisions is one of the exquisite pleasures of writing." 
- Bernard Malamud

What Does Editing Entail?

Let’s have a conversation about your words. The art of editing lives in the act of open, honest, vulnerable communication. The vision you have for your writing is essential during each stage of your writing process –
that includes editing.


Every poem, every story, every article, every song – every piece of writing is born of a vibrant vision that is meant to be cultivated. To re-vision is to cultivate your words.


Indeed, there is exquisite pleasure in diving into a sea of words and making choices that will lift them into the realm of the best. Your words deserve your eyes, your heart, your belief in them, but they also deserve the eyes, the heart, the belief of an editor whose job – whose exquisite pleasure – it is to help you make your writing the best it can be.


It is possible to experience enthusiastic inspiration, respectful motivation and patient professionalism in the editorial stages of your writing process. So let’s have a conversation about your words.


Editing Support Key Areas:

  • overall story structure

  • showing vs. telling

  • dialogue

  • descriptive language

  • setting

  • scene structure

  • grammar/copy

  • character development

  • plot development

  • genre-specific key elements

  • language

  • voice

You can choose all or any of the editing support key areas for editorial support. All editing is hands-on, hard-work, super fun, invigorating and disciplined.


All edits are based on a conversation between the writer and the editor. Whether your piece is in first or final draft, we will work together to elevate your project to its best version.

The editorial process is unique to you and your writing. Depending on your project, its length and your goals (including but not limited to submission deadlines, publication (self or traditional), literary event (reading/open-mic), we will create an editorial process that fits you.

Image by Nick Morrison

How It Works:

The First Meeting:

  • Free 45-minute first meeting – (face-to-face and/or virtually via agreed upon mode of communication) includes open and honest conversation about your writing idea/project(s). Please prepare for this meeting so I can begin to assess your needs and give you examples of how we can begin our editorial relationship. Please bring (or send) 3-5 writing samples (if you have them), your schedule, your contact information, and your open heart and mind.

  • This meeting is extremely important in that it will give me the opportunity to taste your writing as well as get to know you and writing goals. We will discuss and finalize a working relationship that fits your editorial needs.


  • Editing can take a long time. Full-length novels (90,000+ words) in a first draft form can take up to one year to edit working on a chapter-by-chapter basis depending on how often we meet, and how we agree to create our editing schedule. Please be aware that it can take up to ten minutes per page for edits resulting in about 6 pages of fully edited writing per one hour.

  • During our sessions, writers will read their edited work out loud. This is an important way to hear your words, catch spelling/grammar errors, and experience your writing ‘voice’. Reading your work out loud is an intimate way to connect with your words.

Image by Aaron Burden


Prices vary depending on the nature of the editing.

Price Ranges: $40/hour to $85.00/hour.


BETA READS: $35/hour or $4.00/page

Payment Terms

  • Payments can be made via e-transfer, paypal, cheque,
    credit card or cash.

  • Payment plans will be discussed, however, the goal is to pay for each session the day it happens. This ensures that any shift in scheduling (which does happen) can occur without the cost being paid if a session needs to be postponed.

  • Session frequency will be discussed together.

  • Sessions last for 1 hour.

Image by Aaron Burden

To book your free meeting with Vanessa Shields call 519-999-2314

or email

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