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For Publishers & Authors

Are you a publisher or an author planning a book tour? 

Ah, the book tour. It’s an important, effective and exciting part of a writer’s life.
It’s also an integral part of marketing and sales for publishers. We get it.
And we want to offer your writers the opportunity to enhance their book tour experience with a ‘stop’
at Gertrude’s Writing Room – A Gathering Place for Writers. 


Located in The Coach House in Willistead Park in the heart of Windsor, Ontario’s trendy Walkerville neighbourhood, Gertrude’s Writing Room is a1920s, Paris-style creative space that is perfect for an intimate conversation
or workshop between writer and readers. 


While a library, bar or bookstore are great options for readings, Gertrude’s Writing Room is a unique change of scenery that enables the writer to engage with readers through a workshop that is built to suit the writer’s expertise and/or an intimate, hosted conversation between writer, host and readers. 


Our goal is to be one of Canada’s MUST STOP locations for all writers.

We hope that you are motivated to give us a call to chat about the possibility of making Gertrude’s Writing Room a part of your writer’s book tour. 


Option 1: Workshop

We will create a poster, work with you and/or the writer on a themed workshop, and promote it as part of the book tour. Participants will be charged a workshop fee and have to pre-register for the workshop.

The writer will receive 50% of all registration fees after the workshop is completed. The GWR team will take care of the space, local promotions, foods/refreshments, and writing tools. The writer is responsible for the workshop outline/activities.

Workshop outline/activities should be submitted at least one week-prior to the workshop date, but the theme should be given as soon as possible. This workshop is a collaboration between the writer and GWR – and our mission is to create a safe, supportive, fun learning space for writers. Workshop length: two hours (or less as per the desire of the writer).

Option 2: Intimate Conversation

We will create a poster, work with you and the writer so to create an intimate conversation that will be had in front of a small audience.

This conversation will be hosted by Vanessa Shields or Alley Biniarz, and we will be sure to read the writer’s new book as well as research information about the writer through the internet and conversations (via email/phone) with the writer.

The writer will know what questions we are going to ask, and therefore, have the opportunity to prepare his/her/they answers.
It is important to us that we have a conversation about what the writer actually wants to talk about. This event will include light refreshments. While we won’t be charging an admission fee, authors are welcome to sell their books/merchandise at the event. We can handle the sales as per your needs. 

Intimate conversation length: 1.5 hours – including reading an excerpt, Q&A with host, Q&A with audience (if desired), and book signing and sales. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Contact Vanessa at your earliest convenience:


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